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Bondingsystem SM 650

Preparation and fixation of multilayer stacks . SM 650 offers the perfect fixation for every

job. A Misubishi Touch Screen control and free format system gives you the necessary flexibility for all kinds of jobs.



The SM 650 Bonding System is the perfect fusion between userfriendly operator interface

and maxiumum flexibility. The Touchscreen Controll allows a very easy setup of all

necessary functions and store them into memory , so that the requested settings for an

8 Layer Board are just a fingertip away, like the settings for the 12 Layer or whatever

you plan to do.


Another great feature is the double shuttle table , that allows the preparation of the next package until the bonding process is active.

Technical Data :

Useable area :

Lenght :                 Min 220 mm

                            Max 670 mm

Width :                  Min 230 mm

                            Max 560 mm


Temperature :         350° Celsius


Download SM 650 Datasheet here






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