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RM 652 / RM 656 Scoring Systems

The Scoring System of the RM - Line are flexible easy to handle cnc scoring solutions that can fulfill all needs of todays scoring processes. They can handle various types of materials.

The RM 652 is equiped with a windows 7 workstation with RS 45 conector, that allows an easy handling of the system.

The logic interface is one of the benefits in this system, because it is easy to handle, also for new operators.


Numerically controlled z-axis give you plenty functions for :

  • jumpscoring
  • variable depths in line to line mode
  • test score function

The pin system offers maximum flexibility for gripping panels in different designs.

A wide range of modifications is available on BTO systems.

If you have a request on this systems in a BTO Version with special features, please contact us.

Datasheet Download as PDF  : RM652 Datenblatt / RM656 Datenblatt


For larger production series of panels, our Scoring System RM 656 gives all features of a full automatic solution. It´s selfoperated loading / rotating und unloading the panels during the process.





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