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HML Vacuum-Lamination Presses MP 20 / 50 Serie


The modells of the MP Series have become popular over the years because of their range of functions , that allow material threatments like on a huge production press, with various program features.

Features like time range heating, variable steps in pressure setting, vacuum protocolation, process protocolation, inner layer thermo probes* etc.





All systems contain process control via workstation with our successful, wide function range equiped MLP - Software.


Datasheet Download :

HML MP 50 VK/ MP 50-2 VK


We are also proud on our huge system line on regular production presses.


HML Vacuum Lamiation Presses LP Series


Our vacuum chamber presses are available up to 4 story systems, with electrical heating or themo oil heating systems. Electrical systems are available for temperature ranges up to 450° C a feature that beats all thermo oil systems on the market.



Pic shows LP 4000 VK ( 4 story lamination press )


Download Datasheet LP VK SERIE









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